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Bill Aboumrad - Broker
Kevin F. Adler (H) Social Entrep....
Rosemary Almand   Exec CAPE
Jeff Bickerton   Attorney
Charles Crohare   Banking
Eric Dillie   Education
Kevin Drake (R) Educator
Jill Duerig (R) Water Mgmt
Ward Eccles Dentist
Richard Fields (R) Invest Adv.
Lauren Franzella  Attorney
Dennis Gambs (R) Civil Eng
Rich Goldstein  Investment Adv.
Scott Haggerty (H)  ALCO Supe
Khabira Hartwig (R) Nutritionist
Jerry Hawkins (R)  Dentist
Heather Heyman Vital Pricing
Victor Karpenko
Legacy Real Estate  (Corporate)
Kevin McCallum - Real Estate
Larry Miller  Heating & Air
Wes Morgan (H) Police Training
Javier Perez  Investment Adv
Roy Porfido  Prof Magician
Fred Quarterman (R) Educator
Dick Quigley (R) Water Mgmt
Angelika V Quinn Pilates Studio
Peter Quinn   Physical Therapist
Philomena Rambo   Educator
Eduardo Salaz (R) VP Admin
Ed Schumann Commercial Ins
Graham Scott (R) Entrepreneur
Sherri Simoni Print & Promo
Gib Souza (R) Real Estate Broker
Lori Souza   Systems Analyst
Bill Stevens   Geotech Engineer
Wolfgang Stoeffl (R) Scientist
Deb Tacker (R) Corp Trainer
Bob Tucknott (H) Elec Contractor
Steve Utley Speach Writer
Frank Vallejo   Water Mgmt
Anne Wilburn (R) Real Estate
George Wineinger Co Real Estate
(R) - Retired ; (H) - Honorary
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RCLV COVID 19 Support
The Rotary Club of Livermore Valley helps with Covid-19 Relief:
Never has there been a more challenging time than the current coronavirus pandemic, with the emergency creating previously-unseen desperation and needs both locally and globally. Rotarians are people of action who want to help during such times. Unfortunately, the Shelter-in-Place Order meant the Livermore Valley Club had to cancel its major fundraising event for the year. Thankfully, many of our sponsors such as TopCon, Baez Geotechnical, the Wall and Ceiling Alliance and others, partnering with generous Rotarians (see full list below) were able to donate funds to preserve the club’s ability to take action to help.
Recognizing the great needs of the local community, the Rotary Club of Livermore Valley added a Spring Pandemic Donation cycle in early April, providing nearly five thousand dollars split between the following four local service providers:
  • Hively
  • Tri-Valley Haven
  • Open Heart Kitchen
  • City Serve of the Tri-Valley
In May, recognizing the great need for assistance to avert threatened starvation in the Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala due to the disruption of food deliveries caused by COVID-19 restrictions on travel, the Rotary Club of Livermore Valley worked with our home Rotary District, 5170, to organize a four thousand dollar District Grant to the Rotary eClub of Lake Atitlan for emergency food relief.
Then, in June, a second Pandemic Donation cycle for the local community was added and the club gave $4000 split evenly among the same four local service providers.
If Rotary Didn't Do It..
Who Would ?
Each year, the Rotary Club of Livermore Valley and the Rotary Club of Livermore, along with their mutually funded Rotarian Foundation of Livermore donate over $100,000 to local, worthwhile charities.  
Supporters of Our Club
                                                                                                   Partners in Rotary
We are thankful for the support given by these individuals and companies that permits the Rotary Club of Livermore Valley the opportunity to fund our community grants program. These are our Partners in Rotary.
LVRC Colleagues
*  LVRC Colleague 1 - Matt Rusca
* LVRC Colleague 2 - Nadine Horner
* LVRC Colleague 3 - Steve Faith
* LVRC Colleague 4 - Jim Summers
* LVRC Colleague 5 - Tom Marcel
LVRC Volunteers
* Rose Wilkins
LVRC  Virtual Bocce Sponsors 
  • Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.
  • Baez Geotechnical Group
  • Wall and Ceiling Alliance
  • Lori Souza/Bryan Balazs
  • Beth McCormick
  • Rich Goldstein
  • Angelika Voss Quinn
  • Fred Quarterman
  • Philomena Rambo
  • Rosemary Almand
  • Wolfgang Stoeffl
  • Deb Tacker
  • Dennis Gambs
  • Graham Scott
  • Sherri Simoni
  • Kevin Drake
  • Eric Dillie
Your company  Can Become a Corporate Member of  Livermore Valley Rotary.




 Philomena Rambo

In keeping with CDC recommendations regarding  in-person gatherings, we are meeting every Tuesday morning at 7:30 AM via online Zoom meetings. As President, I will email, no later than Monday AM, a Zoom link to members and guests for the Tuesday morning meeting. If you are guest and would like to join the meeting, - simply email  vprambo@gmail.com and I will send  you the access code. We look forward to seeing you.

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