We were all saddened by the tragic fires that destroyed lives, homes, and property in beautiful Lahaina, Maui. We join with Hawaii's Rotary District 5000 Foundation in seeking donations to help rebuild Lahaina.
We invite everyone to consider donating to the relief efforts organized by Rotary. Donating to the District 5000 Foundation is tax deductible.
Rotary District 5000 Governor, Mark Merriam,  wrote an open letter to all Rotarians and all who would be sympathetic to the tragedy experienced by those who live in Maui, and those of us who care about people who live in Maui. 
DG Mark Merriam's Letter:
August 9, 2023 was a tragic day for Rotarians, families and friends on the Island of Maui.The fires across the island have changed lives forever. Truly devastating. Our sympathy, thoughts, and prayers are with everyone impacted.
As people of action, we can take immediate action. As we come together to recover and rebuild, we need to support each other. We need to Create Hope for Maui.
Through our Rotary District 5000 Foundation, a relief fund has been established. Foundation President Dave Hamil and Treasurer Sharon Armano will handle all donations. A committee will be organized shortly to find the greatest needs for distribution of monies. A single fund will be the most helpful over time to provide the most significant benefits.
Please consider donating to this special fund, Maui Fires Relief Fund.
Please also widely share this opportunity to help. 
Stay safe, take care, and mahalo for creating hope.
Mark Merriam, District Governor
Rotary District 5000, Hawaii, USA
You may wish to visit the Rotary District 5000 website for additional information.