Kathleen Minser
Jun 06, 2023
Livermore Rodeo: Celebrating 105 Years!
Kathleen Minser

Put on your cowboy boots, grab your hats, and let's head to the Rodeo grounds for our annual Rodeo Week tradition of meeting at the Rodeo grounds! The Cattlewomen's Association will make us breakfast, and Kathleen Minser, fellow Rotarian and President of the Rodeo Foundation, will share with us the history and upcoming fun of the 105th Annual Livermore Rodeo.

We meet in the building near the arena at the Rodeo grounds, 3000 Robertson Park Road, Livermore.

Members are asked to contribute $20 to offset the cost of breakfast. Please email Dick Fields If you would like to be billed. (Clicking on Dick's name will open your email application and is already addressed to him.)

For information about the 2023 Livermore Rodeo, please visit the Livermore Rodeo Website.