The Weekly Meeting Summary of the Rotary Club of Livermore Valley
July 18, 2023       
Opening the Meeting
  • President Sherri Simoni called the meeting to order at 8:16 am and welcomed everyone in the room and on Zoom to the meeting.
  • Beth McCormick led us in The Pledge of Allegiance.
  • We all sang along to "Don't Worry Be Happy" by Bob Marley. Thanks, Sarah, for that selection!
  • Rich shared the Thought of the Day, reminding us about the connection between initiative and success. A few words of wisdom Rich shared:
    • "There is no substitute for hard work," Thomas Edison
    • "Nothing will work unless you do," Maya Angelou
    • "You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great," Zig Ziglar
    • "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail," Benjamin Franklin
  • We chuckled at Lori's chicken jokes:
    • Why can a chicken jump higher than a house? (Houses can’t jump.)
    • What do you get when you cross a chicken and a cow? (Roost beef.)
Visiting Rotarians & Guests
  • Visiting Rotarian: Bob Tucknott (Hello Fellow Rotarian!)
  • Guests: Suzanne introduced the visiting Interactors, Scarlett and Ena. Beth introduced Connie Campbell, Gail Olney, & Nafisa Lillie. Heather introduced her friend Dawn Manley. Jeannette introduced her husband, Mark Elgood. Sherri reintroduced her husband, Stuart Simoni. 
RYLA Presentation
  • We welcomed Scarlett and Ena, our RYLA participants, who shared some of the highlights of the conference.
  • They started off by letting us all know that they were "really thankful for this opportunity." 
  • Students were divided into "families" to organize their rotation through the camp's events.
  • Scarlett and Ena both participated in all of RYLA's activities, and especially enjoyed the Leadership Modules and the "Rylmpics." Both girls learned that, as leaders, they both fell into the "blue" category - they like to please everyone but need to learn to think about their own needs.
  • We loved their enthusiasm and are grateful to have the opportunity as a club to support the Granada High School Interact Club and sponsor students at RYLA. Thanks to Suzanne Richerson for her leadership as our Youth Services Director.
Below, left to right: Ena and Scarlett
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  • District Governor's Visit - August 15 - Sherri
    • District Governor Hung Wei will visit our club during our meeting on August 15. Please plan to attend.
    • Board members are asked to stay after for a special meeting with our DG.
  • Donate to Rotary International and earn Paul Harris Society membership
    • Sherri reminded club members that our club will match the first $400 we donate to Rotary International. Once we donate $1,000, we become a Paul Harris Fellow. For first time donors, your donation of $600 will be augmented by the $400 to total $1,000.
    • Questions about Paul Harris? Reach out to George Wineinger. (Click on his name to open your email program.)
  • Lithium-Ion Recycling Event  - September 24 
    • Our club is planning a Lithium-Ion battery and device recycling event on Sunday, September 24 from 11 am - 5 pm at Tri-Valley Car Care in Livermore. Other Area 4 Rotary clubs are joining the effort by sponsoring an event in their local areas on the same day.
    • Contact James Hays if you would like to help with this event.
  • Supporting Veterans - Mock Interviews - August 30
    • Beth shared that we will be partnering with the noon club to offer opportunities for mock interviews to prepare veterans for job interviews.
    • Please reach out to Beth McCormick if you would like to be involved.
  • 3rd Annual Chili Cook Off - October 7
    • Planning is under way for our major fundraising event. Please contact Heather Hartman if you would like to be involved.
    • Visit the Chili Cook Off webpage for complete information.
    • Please contact Heather Hartman if you would like to be involved.
  • Halloween Party - October 28
    • Sherri announced that we will have a costume contest at the halloween party hosted by Dave Bedford. Start planning! 
Today's Meeting Program: Las Positas College Viticulture & Winery Technology Program
We were delighted to welcome David Everett, pictured below, co-founder of the Viticulture and Winery Technology Program and the Campus Hill Winery at Las Positas College. The Livermore Valley has a rich history as a wine-producing region, so Las Positas College was excited to be able to embrace the opportunity to have a program that aligns with and celebrates this history.
David clarified that viticulture is the science of grape growing, while enology is the science of wine making. Students participating in the program learn theory and have hands-on experience. They learn the entire process, from pruning the vines, harvesting the grapes, crushing them (with bare feet!), and making the wine. "Students are able to bring a wine from the bud break of the grape vine to pouring wine out of a bottle into their glass," he said.
Students also are able to learn the hospitality industry. Currently, over 100 students are working in local wineries, tasting rooms, and restaurants.
Campus Hill Winery uses grapes from several vineyards adjacent to the campus, and produces about 30 gallons of wine each season. The wines have already won awards at the Alameda County Fair. And, students of the program, now winemakers themselves, are winning awards. 
Thanks to the successful facilities bond measures, Las Positas College is able to expand the campus and build cutting edge facilities. the Teaching Winery and Classroom is under construction, scheduled to be completed in Summer 2024.
David encourages us to taste the wines at the upcoming LPC production of Footloose and reminds us that we can enroll in a class to learn more.
Next Week's Meeting Program
Next week we will welcome Andrew Elliott, CEO and Founder of TalentDreams, an online mentoring program that supports youth as they grow into confident adult leaders.
50/50 Raffle
Meeting Adjourned at 9:16
Thank you to Kevin Drake for publishing the weekly Grapevine for years and years and years! Each Tuesday, we knew to watch for an email from Kevin to read about the meeting's events and information. Kevin, we appreciate you for your commitment these many years. Thank you for your service.
It's going to take more than one person to fill Coach's shoes. Please let Sherri or Philomena know if you would be willing to take notes and send out the Grapevine one week a month. Training provided.
This Month's Celebrations
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