The Weekly Meeting Summary of the Rotary Club of Livermore Valley
August 29, 2023       
Opening the Meeting
  • President Elect Beth McCormick, filling in for Sherri who is traveling on business, had fun calling the meeting to order at 8:15.

  • Jill Duerig led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and then shared a little-known fact about her name: Her real name is Gilberte, named after several generations of Gilbertes - all of whom died before they were 30! Not sure of what her future held, Jill told us that she did "EVERYTHING she could think of" before she turned 30. We are glad she is here to tell us about it!

  • Marty Roberts chose the Song of the Day: an uplifting medley by Perez Prado and his Orchestra.

  • Mark Hudson provided the Thought of the Day, about expanding our definition of love. Mark noticed that he loves his wife, and he loves lasagna. So why not realize that love can be broader than we may think? He decided to love every human being who wasn't hurtful or destructive. As a result, he's much more tolerant of others and enjoys life more.

  • George Wineinger shared the Joke of the Day that was more of a riddle: Why don't we play cards in the jungle? (Too many cheetahs!) 
Visiting Rotarians & Guests
  • Visiting Rotarian
    • Dave Goulart introduced Bob Tucknott, visiting from the Dublin Club, in the classification of Electrical Contractor. Hello Bob!
  • Guest:
    • Beth introduced our speaker, Pete Sandhu.
Welcome to our visitor and guest!
Today's 10-SPOT
  • Fleet Week Air Show & Bay Cruise Club Social - Sunday, October 8
    • Mark Hudson reminded us to sign up if we want to be part of the Fleet Week Cruise this year. Fleet Week is the same weekend as our Chili Cook Off, so we will plan to enjoy an outing on the bay the day after and relax with the free champagne that's included!

    • Click here to send a direct email to Mark if you would like to join, and he will confirm if there is still space available.

  • Ambassadors of Compassion Dinner & Sunset Cruise - September 9 - 3:00 pm - 8:30 pm
    • Rich invited all of us to join the Ambassadors of Compassion dinner in Tiburon that includes a beautiful sunset cruise on Saturday, September 9. The event begins at The Lodge at Tiburon where we will join with other leaders and interested community members from throughout the Bay Area to learn about the Ambassadors program. Eric and Jodi Hannah, Founder and Co-Developer and David Hannah, Chairman and Co-Founder will share with us their vision for transforming the lives of youth through the "One Million Student Initiative." 

    • Meeting and dinner start at 3:00 pm, followed by the sunset cruise at 6:15 pm. Cost is $145 per person.

    • Click here to go to Eventbrite to purchase your ticket.

    • Check your email from Rich, sent on Sunday 8/6, or click on the link to this announcement for for complete information.

  • Pie Sale Now through September 15th
    • We are all invited to support the women of Semper Fidelis as they raise money for their charitable work by selling pies. Each year, Charles & Patty Crohare give us this delicious opportunity. Pies are 10" in diameter, arrive frozen (and can keep for up to a year), and are available in a variety of flavors for $20 each.

    • Sign up at the next meeting or email Charles to let him know you'd like a pie.

  • Lithium-Ion Recycling Event  - September 24
    • Our club is planning a Lithium-Ion battery and device recycling event on Sunday, September 24 from 11 am - 5 pm at Tri-Valley Car Care in Livermore. 

    • James brought cards for us to hand out along with pink plastic bags to use for collecting lithium-ion batteries. The bags are fireproof, to prevent accidental combustion that can be an issue with these batteries.

    • Email James Hays by clicking here if have questions about this event.

  • 3rd Annual Chili Cook Off - October 7 
    • Heather announced that we will need a few volunteers to staff a Farmers Market table on Thursday, September 7th. Please let Heather know if you can volunteer from 3-5:30 or 5:30 - 8.

    • We still need Chili Cooks!! Please let Sherri or Heather know if you have a suggestion for who might want to be part of the event.

    • Please reach out to Heather Hartman if you are able to distribute posters or postcards so that she can track where they are going.

    • The QR code on the front of the card links to our Annual Chili Cook Off webpage.

Today's Program: Livermore Airport Update
We welcomed back Pete Sandhu, CEO of Five Rivers Aviation, who gave us a great update on our own Livermore airport, LVK, a true community resource.
The airport moved to its current location in 1966 and operates under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). That means the airport is open 24 hours a day to serve the needs of the region. (Pete noted that whenever there are late night flights, they are usually for such emergencies as organ transplants. Most flights are during daylight hours.)
Having an airport in Livermore attracts businesses to the area that create jobs. Many large business choose to locate in this area because of the proximity to LVK.
Several plans are in place to make use of the unoccupied land at the airport for compatible uses that our community wants.
Las Positas College's planned Maintenance Training Program will provide local residents with the skills the airport needs. Many planes are unable to fly because of the shortage of labor to provide routine maintenance. With a median salary of $85,000, an aviation maintenance technician who gets trained locally can work and live locally.
The plans to provide battery electric and hydrogen fuel stations have widespread benefits for all members of the community. As early as Super Bowl 2026, we may be able to Uber to LVK, hop on a plane, and arrive at SFO, landing on top of the long term parking garage just about 10 minutes later!
Adding 140 solar panels to the airport will produce the electricity for these battery-operated planes!
There are plans for the airport to supply hydrogen fuel to Gillig, who is in the process of making buses fueled by hydrogen cells. Not only will the airport provide hydrogen for Gillig's research and development, but also that hydrogen fueled bus could serve as a portable generator - serving the airport, or hospitals or emergency operation centers when we lose power.
We already have some public hangars and are anticipating more moving in,including Cal Fire. Currently, Hollister is the closest Cal Fire airport to the Livermore Valley. Having a helicopter and fire-fighting plane stationed at LVK could provide critical support when it is most needed.
Pete shared that timely approval for new plans is important so that we can get commitments and sign leases when those windows of opportunity are open. 
This map shows where planned projects would go:
We were very interested in Pete's talk and would like to have him back again!
Next Week's Meeting Program:
Marty Roberts, Level 2 Sommelier,
Discusses Livermore Wines
Today's 50/50 
Meeting Moments
We seemed to have a lot to say today! Thanks to Roy Porfido for capturing the moments!
Meeting Adjourned at 9:21
(We all wanted to stay & talk with Pete!)
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