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Rotary Club of Livermore Valley ~ October 2022 Newsletter
Chili Cook Off Special Edition
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the members of this club for your unselfish donations of both time and money in support of the 2nd Annual Chili Cook off. I can truly say our club exhibited the motto “Service above self."
There are so many stories of members going above and beyond to make this fundraiser a success. I am very proud of our members' positive engagement with our beloved community. Multiple acts of kindness were exhibited, and members demonstrated the true character of our club. 
Success is a result of people and process working together as a team to get a great outcome. A big thank you to all the people who showed up with the correct mindset to make this event a success. A big thank you to Sherri Simoni our Fundraiser Director and Philomena Rambo who spent hours refining the process to assist a smooth execution of the day and creating the building blocks for repeated success in years to come.
We do all of this to give back to the community - both a rewarding event experience and the funds generated from this event that will continue to help others. I encourage this club to never lose sight of this important goal. I hope we take a moment to realize the sense of satisfaction from a job well done.
Thank you for your generous spirit.

Our club really pitched in to make this year's Chili Cook Off a success! Thanks to all who provided raffle prizes, who sponsored our event, and who volunteered on Saturday, October 1 to help the day run smoothly! And thanks to the spouses, partners, and friends who filled out the ranks and added to the success and fun!
The focus of the day was the amazing chili provided by our local cooks. Thanks to this year's particpants:
  • Burnt Endz
  • Del Valle High School Culinary Academy
  • Joe's Double Barrel BBQ
  • Livermore Butcher Shop
  • Livermore Pleasanton Fire Department
  • Marty's Joint Food Truck Chili
  • North Wood Chili Bean Machine
  • Oyo Pleasanton
  • The Club at Ruby Hill
  • United States Coast Guard
1st Place
Del Valle High School Culinary Academy
2nd Place
Livermore Butcher Shop
3rd Place
The Club at Ruby Hill
We are especially grateful to our community partners who participated in this event, as vendors and exhibitors. We all enjoyed the bands playing throughout the day - Thank you to Frankie Bones Project for starting us off right and for managing the sound throughout the day! Thanks to The Groove Objective and to Lunafish for giving us an afternoon of great music!
Rich, Kevin, & Beth
Philomena, Dick, Rosie, Sherri, Rich
Sarah's Supply Wagon
Dave G & Graham
Anne, Tammy, Deb, Jill, & Dick
Cheryl, Sherri,& Leslie
Roy & Rudy
James & Peter R
Dave B & Deb at the Ticket Booth
Sherri & Philomena
3rd Annual Chili Cook Off at Carnegie Park
Saturday, October 7, 2023