Partners in Rotary
A Partner in Rotary can be an individual, small business or corporation of any community that subscribes to the ideals and mission of Rotary and wishes to support those efforts through the Rotary Club of Livermore Valley. The Rotary Club of Livermore Valley respects that individuals and companies have priorities that don’t allow for active participation yet have resources and the desire to support those that do. Our Partners in Rotary program offers you or your company a unique way to extend that support and benefit the local and worldwide efforts of Rotary without out creating an obligation to "belong and participate"
· A Partner in Rotary has most all of the privileges of belonging to the Rotary Club of Livermore Valley (RCLV) without the obligations of active membership or meeting attendance.
· A Partner in Rotary receives the Rotary International magazine and receives all communications from RCLV including the Club newsletter.
· A Partner in Rotary is recognized on RCLV website  and newsletter along with being prominently recognized at all events and projects when appropriate.
· A Partner in Rotary may participate in all Club events and projects and be welcome at all meetings of the Club.
· A Partner in Rotary will receive special recognition and enjoy exclusive events when appropriate.
   A former member of the Rotary Club of Livermore Valley that desires to maintain or re-engage affiliation with the Club can become a "RCLV Colleague" with additional benefits.
Contact Gib Souza at 925 216 7211 or for more details.